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    1. GBK, Ingelheim (Germany)

    "The projects done by AXIKON have been extremely professional. The intended goals were achieved. The initial skepticism because of the distance between Germany and Spain was overcome after the first project confirming that the geographical distance between GBK and AXIKON didn’t play any significant role. Thank you for your support. We will instruct you on the next action. It was a great experience working with AXIKON."

    Björn Noll, CEO GBK Gefahrgut Büro GmbH, Ingelheim, Germany

    2. CROMARESME, Dosrius (Spain)

    “Axikon helped our company to open up to new international markets thanks to the synergies that Barcelona projects as a European Design Centre.

    Axikon’s working methodology was outstanding — they promoted the proactive participation of Cromaresme’s directors at all times. As a result, all of the views we put forward as a company were flawlessly implemented in the projects we collaborated on.

    Axikon’s working model was always realistic and practical, which allowed us to quickly iron out any problems we encountered."

    3. ORLA-Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona (Spain)

    “One of the keys to Axikon’s success is the fact that they constantly try to anticipate future scenarios. Their thorough and professional approach to work is worthy of the trust they have gained from companies.

    Changes in the financial scenario are usually good opportunities for growth. Axikon knows how to make the most of these circumstances in an intelligent and effective manner.”

    4. SIM, Mataró (Spain)

    "Axikon’s contribution was invaluable, especially the work they carried out to bring our business tools up to date.

    Another high point was how they developed our online presence based on the latest trends (modern, dynamic and attractive). This means we can now present our company to new clients from a serious and professional standpoint.

    What is more, thanks to Axikon’s service for identifying and facilitating contact with potential clients, we now have a significantly larger customer base."

    5. TAJIN, Guadalajara (Mexico)

    "Axikon’s world-class services have helped our company — TAJIN — expand into European markets, especially Spain."

    6. AW, Barcelona (Spain)

    "From the very outset, it was clear that Axikon understood the message we wanted to convey to the market; they were 100% professional at channelling our flood of ideas, and helped us to create a brand image that is entirely consistent with our business strategy."

    7. ASOMATEL, Sabadell (Spain)

    "Axikon designed a solution for sharing obsolete stocks between the registered members of our association. They developed the exact image we wanted to project to the market."

    8. COFRELEC ESPLUGUES, Barcelona (Spain)

    "Axikon helped us define and implement an online system to streamline communications with our clients. This system enhances the quality of the services we offer. We were very pleased with their work."

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